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Dr. Mauro grew up in San Diego and attended Wellesley College, majoring in Medieval/Renaissance Studies while also completing a course of premedical studies. She believes her investigation of literature, history and philosophy, with an emphasis on the development of medicine, provided her with a unique perspective on the role of the physician in healing. After attending UCLA School of Medicine and completing her residency in Family Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA, she practiced primary care for several years in the San Diego area.

It became clear to her that conventional medicine alone was not serving her patients’ needs for holistic care, or her own needs for professional fulfillment. She completed UCLA's Acupuncture for Physicians course in 1999, but found that the managed-care environment made it difficult to combine conventional and complementary treatments in her practice. Because she prefers to enter into a partnership with each patient to achieve optimal health, her evaluation, education and treatment of patients require more time than is available in a conventional practice. Therefore, she is now practicing Medical Acupuncture, which combines Western medicine and acupuncture approaches.

Although Dr. Mauro trained in Family Medicine, she does not currently provide the full spectrum of primary care services. She will be happy to communicate with your personal physician, or refer you appropriately, if issues beyond the scope of her current practice arise.

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